Halpern Titanium takes cutting edge materials, world-class machines, and the expertise of our talented team to deliver the finest folding knives to our customers in the United States and around the world.

Halpern Titanium is a leader in customer confidence. We're easy to contact and easy to talk to. We're also protective of the process of producing our client’s ideas. We maintain great partnerships with our customers, helping them to build their business, by producing the highest quality products.

Three Rivers Mfg.

100% Made in USA , utilizing the high quality materials and precision machining techniques developed at Halpern. 

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What do you think? #Prototype #Titanium 3D machined framelock with SS insert. Looks like a '57 Chevy, but I've nicknamed it #Pegasus. Once it's all proven out, we'll be jumping in with a run of 25 Damascus blades. OAL about 8" and 3.25" blade. It's been in the works for two months- no release date yet. Cool back lighting from my computer monitor. #knives #TRM #Halpern #USA
Class Action framelock flippers are ending 2016 in style. Free Titanium Drinkin' Buddy Cap Lifter with every purchase through 2016. Website in bio- don't forget to use the $25.00 IG Discount Code MTicoon on our website. OR just DM for PayPal payment details. You'll still get that discount💁🏻👍🏼 #knives #EDC #threeriversmfg #MadeInAmerica
#Military discount on TRM products🇺🇸 Spread the word. #knives DM for details. #Nomad #BT1000 #ClassAction #SorryNotRJMartinMachine
Nomad Slipjoint with Extra G10 scales offer is all over BUT December means FREE international shipping for our world traveler. PayPal lh@threeriversmfg.com 225.00 carbon 200.00 G10. #knives #EDC #threeriversmfg
TRM News for December Nomad Slipjoints- Free International Shipping Class Action Framelock-Free Titanium BUT (Beverage Utility Tool) BT1000 CF- last call for the final production folders- one left That's it- #knives #EDC #Production #Terzuola DM for details or check earlier posts.💁🏻😊
TRM Carbon Fiber Nomads just built up over the weekend. December deal to our friends outside US. FREE international shipping. PayPal 225.00 lh@threeriversmfg.com US - direct link to website in bio. for US. Don't forget IG Discount Code MTicoon for $25.00 off. #knives #EDC #Slipjoint #Halpern
Class Action for this lazy Sunday afternoon. #knives #EDC #titanium #TRM #USproductionknife #titaniumframe
TRM/ Bob Terzuola Collaboration BT1000 models from my personal collection. Just got 👍🏼👍🏼from Les Halpern (yes, on Sunday) that all the waiting list BT1000CF folders are set for Jennifer to ship tomorrow. Unfortunately, 2 customers were short of funds 😂this time of year so 2 more to grab. If still available, payment will be PP 350.00 US or 385.00 international. Please DM for availability before sending payment. This is our final offering of the Ti-CF model. #Terzuola #knives #EDC #USAmade
Nomad for the save! December Deal- FREE international shipping. DM for details. #knives #EDC #IKnowIHadSomeMoneyInMyPocket #TRM
Three Rivers Mfg. offers the titanium Class Action framelock, designed by Les Halpern and manufactured under his watchful eye at Halpern Titanium. More TRM folders on deck for 2017. #EDC #knives #USA PP lh@threeriversmfg.com $270.00 includes US shipping. Direct Sales Only
Nomad Slipjoint and Class Action Framelock flipper have done some traveling this past year. #knives #EDC #TRM #usamade🇺🇸 December special for Class Action orders- extra titanium bottle opener. Don't forget IG Discount Code gets you 25.00 off any folder. Salute to our Nomad- FREE international shipping. DM for details
BT1000 Carbon Fiber Titanium Folders will ship on Monday. Sorry about shipping hiccup. One left then that's all folks. #Terzuola #knives #USmade

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