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More progress today- I hope🙏Thanks for all the name suggestions. #WIP #knives #titanium #Halpern Gentle landing in my hand before it headed home with us last night. It's always a good sign when a prototype is ready for home viewing.
Name this #knife🔪 🇺🇸Can't get that #bird thing out of my head. Sooooo close to nailing this #prototype. Please blow the pic up to see some amazing 3D machining. Tomorrow we'll finalize the #blade. Decided on raindrop @chadnichols #Damascus for 25 blades. Definitely, want it perfect before we waterjet any Damascus blanks. We'll cut extra blanks from less expensive steel to prove out our bevel grind. Forgive me for lots of pics coming up- we really like this one. #Knives #LesHalpern #TRM
#Prototype #titanium flipper folder is coming along. It needs a name- we keep calling it the '57 Chevy but I think that name's taken. Then I was thinking birdlike names and Pegasus came to mind. As we move along, I'll be looking for suggestions. The blades will be @nicholsdamascus SS Rain pattern. #knives #EDC #Halpern #TRM
Thanks to all our custom knifemakers who helped us begin our knife supply business 20 years ago today. Then added on manufacturing a few years later, Now added our TRM products for our latest venture. Getting our crew geared up for the next 20 years.🔪🔪🔪 @shopjunky @rjmartinknives @hinderer_knives @tigheknives @keithouyeknives @brianfellhoelter @greglightfoot123 @lambertknives @demkoknives @michaelvagnino @sibertknives @ansoknives @terzuolatactical @warrenthomasknives @wright3579 @munroeknives @southardknives @crawfordknives
Feeling nostalgic today- the Brooklyn boy done good😊 20 years ago on MLK Day we bought our first $2000 in #titanium. Les was on his own until 2000. He started in our kitchen and basement selling titanium, G10, CF, and screws to custom knifemakers. Every Guild member received net 30 and they never let us down. (Well, almost never😊) In 2000, I left teaching to join Les in our 3000 sq. foot shop. Oh, what a ride since then. Of course, #Halpern will continue #OEM work, but thanks to all of you supporting our new TRM brand too. We are so proud of our #USA manufacturing. #knives #production #MastercamGenius #Bridges #threeriversmfg
I love this #knife- BT1000 with a sunburst for my IG friends. Les Halpern put his heart into programming and machining. I think you'll agree this carpet is a big improvement over my last rug pic😊 My favorite socks made it into today's shot.☕️#FullTitanium #BT1000 #Terzuola #Production 🇺🇸🔪 #EDC
10-9-8-7.....BLASTOFF Les Halpern is having big fun with his pre-production no-name titanium folder. Thinking of using @nicholsdamascus Raindrop stainless Damascus for our run of 25 blades. Any thoughts? Hoping for lots more progress next week, but the days just fly by. #knives #TRM
What came first the #knife or the rug? Our Class Action deserves a better rug than that😂 #UglyRugAndKnife #knives #EDC #titanium
Another angle. TRM #titanium folder is nameless so far. We call it the '57 Chevy. Can't wait to get the Damascus in-house. 25 piece pre-production run with Chad Nichols Damascus blades. We'll be practicing bevel grinding on some cheap steel before those get to the Berger flat grinders. Can't scrap Damascus blades. #knives #EDC #WIP #production
#WIP TRM Les Halpern design from the inside out. First you start with a .400" hunk of titanium... The fin looks like a '57 Chevy but I don't think we can name it that😊🔪 Any ideas for a name? We are starting with 25 using @nicholsdamascus blades. #knives #EDC #MadeInAmerica #threeriversmfg

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